ONESOURCE Foreign-Trade Zone Management features

Expedite the process of importing and exporting while reducing customs duty and Merchandise Processing Fees (MPF)

Store all supply chain data in one location, increase inventory accuracy, and enhance supply chain operations with ONESOURCE Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) Management

Supply chain responsiveness

Achieve shorter cycle times, increased inventory turnover, and better traceability.


Achieve better visibility into your supply chain by leveraging an inventory control and record-keeping system.

Weekly entry filing 

Gain faster access to inventory and increased inventory turnover with advanced approval for your merchandise's release from the warehouse into U.S. commerce.

Dynamic BOMs 

Utilize dynamic bill of materials (BOM) information to provide a truer process flow and keep inventory counts accurate.

Direct delivery 

Move merchandise directly from the port of arrival to the foreign-trade zone, dramatically reducing customs clearance delays and improving speed to market.

Manage a more responsive supply chain with ONESOURCE FTZ Management

Compliance management tools

Save time with tools that simplify compliance.

Clear communication

Efficiently interact with U.S. Customs, carriers, forwarders, and brokers for manifest information as well as entry information.

PGA Management

Maintain a centralized database of Partner Government Agency (PGA) information to ensure compliance with the various agency reporting requirements.

Validated content 

Efficiently perform due diligence with a content validation process that regularly corresponds with government agencies in addressing issues in regulatory information.

Custom reporting 

Simplify reporting by automating reports needed for the FTZ Board, U.S. Customs, and internal purposes.

Maintain compliance with ONESOURCE FTZ Management

Duty exemption

Save money and avoid the hassle. Re-exports, scrap, loss, destruction, and zone-to-zone transfers are duty-free.


In FTZs, re-exporting into a foreign country is completely duty-free. If the goods never enter U.S. commerce, no customs duty is ever due.

Duty-free scrapped and destroyed goods 

No duty is owed on goods destroyed or scrapped in the FTZ. For a company importing $50 million in foreign parts with an average 7.5% duty rate, that equals $225,000 in duty savings.

Supply chain integration 

Transfer goods from one foreign-trade zone to another with no customs duties. By extending FTZ benefits throughout your company’s U.S. supply chain, you will lower your overall cost structure.

Take advantage of duty exemption with ONESOURCE FTZ Management

Inventory controls

Better manage inventory in a controlled FTZ warehouse.

Enhanced security

In a foreign-trade zone, you’re required to meet certain security standards. The good news is that most companies — and all CTPAT members — are already meeting these requirements by incorporating fences, ID cards, cameras, and more.

Indefinite storage 

Benefit from foreign-trade zone indefinite storage — unlike the five-year limit on bonded warehouses. If goods require a lengthy manufacturing process, they can stay in the FTZ without duty payment until the finished goods are completed and shipped.

Lower insurance premiums 

Reduce your insurance costs with FTZs. Typically, for insurance purposes, the duty amount paid on imported merchandise is included in the insurable value of your inventory.

Better control inventory with ONESOURCE FTZ Management