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Highlights: Euro zone finance ministers’ comments as they arrive in Brussels

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Following are comments from euro zone finance ministers arriving in Brussels for an emergency Eurogroup meeting after the Greek referendum.


I have not yet seen a proposal from the Greek government. I will meet the Greek finance minister before the meeting and then we will see.

It’s up to the Greek government to show how it can agree with its creditors.

The pressure is especially on the Greeks, the banks are closed and the situation is difficult. I guess the Greek government has an interest in coming up with serious and credible solutions soon.

I think over the last week and months the Eurogroup has been very united in its stance and it means we do whatever it takes to strengthen the euro zone, to keep it together. Secondly we cannot have an outcome of this process which damages our credibility.


I hope they will bring along a very serious proposal because only on the basis of the very serious proposal it makes sense to continue talking. I can’t imagine that proposal to be any less serious than the one that was on the table (already)

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