1041 Income Tax Enhance your tax process with 1041 income tax return software

Gain control of most tax functions for tax forms and schedules, including the K-1 tax form and Schedules A-F, I, and Forms 2210, 4707, 4952, 6198, 8582, 8949, 8950 and more. The 1041 Fiduciary Income Tax module automates the process from loss limitations to DNI allocations among beneficiaries, and calculates your tax return as you work. Plus, you can perform:

  • Section 678 taxation of beneficiary (Crummey withdrawal powers)
  • Let the program automatically allocate expenses or tell it how you want them allocated. Passive loss limitations and carry-forward calculations
  • Grantor statements
  • And more

The 1041 Income Tax module tracks state information as well—no more double entries. State returns are available for all U.S. states with an Estate or Trust filing requirement, including the District of Columbia. Furthermore, the 1041 module supports electronic filing for all IRS-supported Federal filings and where supported by each state‚Äôs taxing agency.