General Ledger Manager

Harmonize Trial Balance Data for All Tax Processes

General Ledger Manager

More integration.

In today’s tax environment it’s common for your department to work with trial balance data that comes from multiplegeneral ledgers, ERPs, or other extracts that may have differentaccount-coding structures.

Now, ONESOURCE can deliver harmonized and consolidated trial balance data, and can keep it up to date even as book numbers continue to change. General Ledger Manager from Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE enables a common master chart of accounts on the ONESOURCE platform to standardize the trial balance data for the entire tax department while minimizing administration and maintenance redundancies — giving you more time to focus on strategic tasks.

A Deep Dive into General Ledger Manager

Watch this video to get a deeper look into General Ledger Manager and learn how you can bring your tax department to the next level.


General Ledger Manager makes trial balance data available across the ONESOURCE platform. Source data will be preserved at a point in time and consolidated to meet necessary requirements, allowing the data to be utilized at the right level for each task.

Access the centralized master trial balance for U.S. return filings, global provisions, and other tax processes to foster efficiencies and enable uniformity. Drill back from your ONESOURCE applications into General Ledger Manager to access and review the underlying components – giving you the ability to access the source data whenever needed.


Combat time-consuming tasks that have come to be expected when completing your general ledger.

General Ledger Manager from Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE enables you to accommodate disparate account structures in your systems to create a harmonized, common account for all your tax processes — so if you get a new one, there is no need to fix the system. Just add it, map-it, and go.


Designed to simplify the way tax professionals work with trial balance data, General Ledger Manager uses an intuitive interface to guide the user through the process of generating master trial balances with 4 simple steps:

  1. Setup
  2. Import
  3. Create
  4. Review