Step Into the Future of Audit

In a constantly changing audit landscape, there's a new way to achieve the efficiency, accuracy and consistency needed to stay afloat. Introducing Thomson Reuters Checkpoint Engage — the fully integrated online audit solution.

Checkpoint Engage seamlessly combines real-time collaboration with our SMART audit process in one complete, risk-based solution. Start streamlining your audit workflow today.

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The Future of Audit Has Arrived: Checkpoint Engage (2:34) 

4 Keys to the Future of Audit

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Technology continues to change at nearly the speed of light with no signs of slowing down.

The CPA profession as a whole recognizes that its future success depends on the changes made today; but these pressures are even heavier in the field of audit.

Audit is the profession's past, as well as its present

Although the breadth of knowledge and services a CPA provides continues to develop and expand, the essential service of the CPA profession is the audit. Yet, in order to maintain the reputation of a CPA as the most trusted advisor, reimagined audit services must be our future.

Audit profession challenges

The most pressing challenges facing the audit profession can be grouped into four main categories:

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Talent
  • Relevance

This white paper covers how each of these challenges impact today's audit and how reimagining solutions to these challenges can transform audits of the future.

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