Visit the Idea Incubator for CS Professional Suite & Thomson Reuters Onvio Put the power of suggestion to work by providing ideas and suggestions about the CS Professional Suite & Thomson Reuters Onvio

What is the Idea Incubator?

The Idea Incubator is an online community dedicated to ideas and suggestions. It gives you, the customer who works with our products every day, the opportunity to suggest new features and enhancements. Users also vote or comment on the ideas they support.

Thomson Reuters product managers follow the Idea Incubator closely, and sometimes speak with members when an idea needs more clarification or is being considered for implementation.

While suggesting an idea doesn't automatically mean it will be implemented, the Idea Incubator is an important way to help us plan new features and, most importantly, to help our development team understand your needs.

How do you access the Idea Incubator?

Access is easy. Just use the link from your application help screen, or visit https://ideaincubator.ideas.aha.io, then log in using the same Thomson Reuters credentials you use to access your software.

Want to learn more?

Visit the Help & How-To Center and search for "Idea Incubator."