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Preferred Partners

We recommend these preferred partners

Thomson Reuters is pleased to recommend selected companies as our preferred partners.

You can be confident these companies will provide you with the most exceptional products and services available today — many tailored especially for users of the CS Professional Suite and myPay Solutions.

Consulting & professional organizations

Thomson Reuters is pleased to recommend the following consulting companies and organizations. The vendors on this page provide expertise in a variety of accounting-related fields. Please note that the partner links below are not part of the CS Professional Suite website.

Professional accounting associations


The Professional Association of Small Business Accountants (PASBA) represents certified public accountants, public accountants, and enrolled agents, who provide accounting services to small businesses throughout the United States. With goals to teach, share, and learn, PASBA is dedicated to helping its members grow their practices, while maintaining high standards of client service and satisfaction.

PASBA members have built a unique nationwide network of knowledgeable, experienced accountants who specialize in small business clients. Using the collective resources of this network, members are able to offer their clients a level of service and expertise that individual practices are unable to rival. Some of these resources include national and regional meetings, downloadable accounting practice forms, the Blueprint for Success Series manuals, a Practice Evaluation service, an On-Line Business Forum, a Mentor Program, and much more.

The partnership between PASBA and Thomson Reuters is long-standing — Thomson Reuters staff regularly attends PASBA conferences, and they have worked with PASBA members (many of whom are CS Professional Suite users) for years.

Sales and marketing consulting services

NCI (New Clients, Inc.)

NCI is dedicated to providing the finest, most effective marketing and practice sales programs available to professional accountants. The organization's ultimate goal is to help their clients become more successful in both personal development and practice development.

NCI can help firm partners grow and prosper with a variety of programs and information on accounting practice management and client acquisition. Thomson Reuters collaborates with NCI to help their clients with back office processes and procedures while also helping build billings through practice marketing consulting services and webinars using the most profitable, modern, and effective techniques available. The partnership between NCI and Thomson Reuters allows for continued growth and client process/retention, while also dramatically increasing revenues by engaging in the NCI marketing practice development plan.

Strategic consulting for accounting firms

Boomer Consulting

Boomer Consulting, Inc. is a premier provider of consulting services and intellectual capital to leading firms in the accounting industry. Its areas of expertise include four areas critical to a firm's success: technology, practice management, training and learning, as well as human capital. Its portfolio of services in these areas can help firms minimize problems, take advantage of opportunities, and optimize strengths.

Boomer Consulting, Inc. provides consulting services to hundreds of the highest performing CPA firms ranging in size from sole proprietors to those among the Top 10. As a result of its experience, Boomer Consulting, Inc. regularly identifies the most persistent problems facing the accounting industry and devises solutions to keep firms profitable and efficient.

L. Gary Boomer, CEO and well-known accounting professional and consultant, is the founder and leader of Boomer Technology Circles, exclusive groups of leading firms that serve as a forum to discuss management and IT. Each Circle joins together three times per year to examine current issues facing the industry, share best practices, and assist one another in planning strategies for the future.

Boomer Consulting, Inc. also hosts The Emerging Firms Circle. This program brings together firms with $1-$3 million in revenue that use Thomson Reuters software and services, and are committed to growing their practices by maximizing the return on investments in people, planning, processes and technology. This program offers the ability to attend the Boomer Technology Circles Summit with access to general sessions and special events, participate in webinars throughout the year, see exclusive breakout sessions with Thomson Reuters, and access the accounting industry's most thorough collection of documented solutions and guidance for management and technology.


Rootworks was formed to provide small firms with a single source for their consulting, education, and communications needs. Their Education division experts have years of experience applying the latest technologies, accounting software, and best practices to help firms achieve life/work balance and accelerate profitability, while the Communications division is led by branding and marketing executives with years of experience serving the accounting profession.

Rootworks offers a complete firm makeover led by experts from both divisions, who collaborate with firms to help implement a sound technology strategy and create a consistent and powerful brand image through the development of a logo, website, marketing collateral, and other communications.

All the expertise small firms need to define their business strategy and develop branding and marketing initiatives is available under one roof from Rootworks, which provides the tools that enable firms to deliver their services effectively and move to Next Generation Accounting Firm™ status.

M. Darren Root, CPA.CITP, nationally recognized speaker, technology visionary, and practicing accountant, is the founder of Rootworks LLC and leads the firm's Annual Leadership Community™, which are groups of forward-thinking firms that gather once a year to discuss current trends, technology, and best practices.

Technology and IT consulting

Network Management Group, Inc. (NMGI)

Network Management Group, Inc. (NMGI) has 30+ years of experience providing accounting technology and accounting technology support services to CPA firms in North America. NMGI specializes in designing and implementing complete network infrastructure optimized for CPA firms as well as providing CPA firms ongoing proactive managed IT care. NMGI has years of experience installing and supporting the complete line of Thomson Reuters accounting applications including the CS Professional Suite.


Xcentric, an IT consulting firm that assists firms with networking, system configuration, hardware, and environmental recommendations in implementing new software, specializes in assisting accounting firms. They have considerable experience with firms employing UltraTax CS and other CS Professional Suite programs. Currently they focus primarily on users of Workpapers CS and Practice CS.

Using Xcentric in implementations helps firms ensure that sufficient resources exist to exploit the power of their new CS Professional Suite programs, build familiarity with products, plan the best hardware environment, and define network permissions to gain the greatest security and efficiency from the software.

Paperless accounting products

Thomson Reuters is pleased to recommend the following providers of paperless accounting products. These vendors offer IT solutions to make the migration to a paperless office easier, including digital data exchange and banking products. Please note that the partner links below are not part of the CS Professional Suite website.

Tax refund services

Refund Advantage®

Refund Advantage partners with your tax business to offer your clients invaluable tools and support comparable to those enjoyed by national tax preparation chains. Your clients will benefit from the convenience of a full line of bank products, such as checks, ACH direct deposit, and prepaid debit cards, while you enjoy increased revenue from generous incentives — and the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a management team that's been part of the bank products industry since 1989. As part of their commitment to providing you with the best bank product experience possible, Refund Advantage tests extensively with UltraTax CS, to be certain everything runs smoothly during your tax season.

Web hosted solutions

Right Networks®

Right Networks delivers an exceptional combination of reliable infrastructure, advanced technology, and outstanding customer support to provide an easy-to-use, secure computing environment accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection at anytime. Combining this technology with industry standard software, Right Networks delivers scalable and flexible solutions with better performance and reliability at low prices. Right Networks provides QuickBooks® hosting (available through NetClient CS) making it easy to provide your clients with their QuickBooks software remotely and securely.

Tax Workflow


SafeSend is partnering with Thomson Reuters to deliver an innovative solution that offers firms complete command and control of everything that must occur after the point when the tax return has been signed-off as complete in the firm. Designed to enable direct integration from UltraTax CS and GoSystem Tax RS to SafeSend ReturnsTM , your firm is enabled to experience even greater automation and time savings. The combination of the fully featured and sophisticated Thomson Reuters tax compliance solutions with SafeSend ReturnsTM has redefined the way accounting firms operate their tax practices by eliminating the manual and labor-intensive elements plaguing many firms. Take full advantage of cloud-based solutions, digital workflow technology, and a modern, high-end client experience by coupling SafeSend ReturnsTM with UltraTax CS or GoSystem Tax RS.

Human resource services

Thomson Reuters is pleased to recommend the following providers of human resources support services. These vendors can help keep your manage and maintain your human resources. Please note that the partner links below are not part of the CS Professional Suite website.

Employee background check services

National Crime Search (NCS)

Human Resource departments and staffers looking to reduce security risks in hiring new employees now have access to a criminal background check company with 20 years experience in the business. NCS offers a wide range of criminal, financial and employment history reports that accountants and/or their clients can use to perform screenings on potential employees.

NCS recognizes the many levels of business needs and offers multiple package options that give you access to a national criminal directory that covers all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico, and also includes access to financial records both in the U.S. and abroad — plus many other background search options. You also have the option of setting up a personalized website for your account.

Collaborative HR

Mammoth HR

Mammoth HR is the nation’s premier provider of online HR services. Their web-based products allow your organization to provide branded HR support to your clients creating an additional revenue stream while further strengthening your business relationship. With access to their flagship product, the HR Support Center, your clients acquire a wealth of HR tools and resources, and with a simple upgrade to HR On-Demand your clients obtain unlimited, personalized HR support, including employee handbook development. For times of planning or moments of HR crisis, Mammoth is prepared to help your clients.

Payroll products

Thomson Reuters is pleased to recommend the following providers of payroll-related products. Geared toward our CS Professional Suite and myPay Solutions users, these vendors help make it more profitable, more convenient and easier to offer payroll services. Please note that the partner links below are not part of the CS Professional Suite website.

Pay-as-you-go workers compensation

The Hartford

The Hartford, through its XactPAY program, offers pay-as-you-go worker's compensation. It helps with better cash flow and is an easier experience for your customers. Compared to an estimated annual payroll amount, XactPAY relies on real-time payroll to calculate workers’ compensation premiums, resulting in more accurate premium payments. This means your customers, small and large, are less likely to pay more than they need to throughout the year – or have an audit adjustment at the end of their policy term due to under-reported payroll. Plus no down payment or fees. XactPAY is integrated with myPay Solutions  ,  Accounting CSAccounting CS Payroll and Accounting CS Client Access.


rapid! PayCard®

The rapid! PayCard Visa® Payroll Card is a safe, secure and hassle-free way for your employees to collect, manage and ultimately spend their hard-earned money. PayCards offer the convenience of a debit card and more security than carrying cash. rapid! PayCard requires no credit check, can be instantly issued, offers the versatility of a credit card and is accepted everywhere Visa is accepted. With the rapid! PayCard your employees have more money, more time, more access and more options than ever before.

Global Cash Card

The Global Cash Card is a great alternative to a checking or savings account for employees. It’s safe, secure, and easy to use wherever Visa® or MasterCard® are accepted. Global Cash Card is the proven specialist in customized paycard solutions that are simple to implement and easy to use, offering a no-cost in-house solution for a 100% paperless payroll. State-of-the-art proprietary technology, 24x7x365 free/live customer service and implementation and field support services provide the best payroll card solution in the industry.

Time clock integration


SwipeClock is a leading provider of simple and affordable integrated workforce management services that include cloud-based automated time and attendance, scheduling and leave management solutions. SwipeClock integration with Accounting CS Payroll and myPay Solutions provides clients with a full-featured timekeeping solution that includes unified employee data and streamlined timecard and payroll processing. Options include a complete selection of software, hardware and mobile clocks with intuitive management and self-serve functions. SwipeClock’s intelligent workforce management features help reduce labor costs, enforce compliance and provide workforce visibility while simplifying and streamlining workforce management.

Time Rack, Inc.

Time Rack provides a complete time and attendance solution for all businesses in a wide variety of industries. It is designed for clients of firms that use myPay Solutions and Accounting CS Payroll. Time Rack features a human resources module, mobile apps, web-based and traditional time clocks, and scheduling and document control systems, all integrated with Thomson Reuters payroll products and services.

ACH & merchant processing

Thomson Reuters is pleased to recommend the following ACH and merchant processing providers. These vendors provide ACH payments and credit card processing services that integrate with the CS Professional Suite. Please note that the partner links below are not part of the CS Professional Suite website.

ACH & merchant processing providers


Kotapay has been Thomson Reuter’s partner for ACH and merchant processing for over 10 years. Kotapay’s integration in the CS Professional Suite provides seamless entry and delivery when creating and processing direct deposit payroll, payroll tax payments and account receivable payments. Kotapay also provides integrated credit card processing through Practice CS and NetClient CS customer portals to expedite and streamline accounts receivables. Kotapay features include next day and same-day processing options, late cut-off and free customer support until 10 pm CST., and a dedicated fraud analytics department. Kotapay is backed by the security and soundness of a financial institution, providing you with greater peace of mind. 

Office equipment

Thomson Reuters is pleased to recommend the following providers of equipment for use in the office. These vendors provide hardware, forms and other physical components that work with the CS Professional Suite. Please note that the partner links below are not part of the CS Professional Suite website.

Forms and check stock

Forms CS

Forms CS provides a complete line of checks and forms specifically designed to be compatible with myPay SolutionsAccounting CSAccounting CS Payroll and Accounting CS Client Access. In addition, they provide tax return envelopes, client organizer envelopes and client organizer covers that are specifically designed to be used with UltraTax CS products. The Forms CS website includes a complete catalog that outlines your options and allows you to order through their site.

Scanning solutions

Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.

Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. is an established leader in the document imaging market, featuring workgroup, departmental and production-level scanning solutions. Their state-of-the-art scanning technology integrates fully with GoFileRoomFileCabinet CSWorkpapers CS and other Thomson Reuters products.

A leading provider of IT-based business solutions for the global marketplace, Fujitsu combines a worldwide corps of systems and services experts with highly reliable computing and communications products and advanced microelectronics to deliver added value to its customers. Their rapidly growing network of authorized distributors, systems integrators and resellers are provided with strong service and support programs that include tools for simplifying product integration.

InStream, LLC is a Premium Fujitsu Value-Added Reseller with expertise in implementation of scanner solutions and general scanner and software trouble-shooting skills.