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Virtual Office CS

Remote accounting solutions for the freedom to work anywhere

Why choose Virtual Office CS

Thomson Reuters Virtual Office CS is a cloud-based environment that lets you do your tax and accounting work from home. Run our full line of CS Professional Suite programs and select Microsoft® products, without worrying about IT hassles or interruptions. Your software is hosted on our secure servers, but our remote accounting solution operates and integrates your programs exactly as if they were installed locally. We’ll take care of maintenance and data backups; you just log on and get to work.

Learn how one firm saved $20,000 a year by moving to the cloud

Join us to hear for yourself how moving his firm to the cloud has helped Glen Ross from Ross & Company CPA improve workflow, and how it can save significant time and cost for your firm.


What you get with our remote accounting solutions

Remote access

Work from remote offices, client locations, home — or anywhere in between.

Optimize your staff

Attract and maintain qualified staff with the ability to offer flextime and opportunities to work from home.

Ensure business continuity

Automatic backups save your latest data and keep your software and data secure — even if your laptop gets damaged.

Reduce costs

​You’ll need less time and staff to administer and maintain your software, hardware, and server. We’ll do the work for you.

True integration

Run our full line of CS Professional Suite programs and select Microsoft products for an efficient workflow.

Stay in contact

24/7 access to Microsoft Exchange means your staff will be able to easily communicate, schedule meetings, and manage tasks.

The case for the cloud

Discover how cloud computing has transformed the tax and
accounting profession.


Dave Ligotti, CPA on Virtual Office CS

Dave Ligotti explains why his firm chose Virtual Office CS to work in the cloud with remote access to their software and data from anywhere, at any time.

I chose Virtual Office CS to ensure all of my data was secure and that under no circumstances could a computer issue, virus, impropriety, or weather issue jeopardize my business or my ability to work.

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