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“Checkpoint Catalyst is another major step forward in a product that already had good usability. The design makes research faster, easier and more comprehensive with fewer steps. If you haven’t recently considered how research is being done at your firm, it is time to review this product.”

Randy Johnston, Executive Vice President
K2 Enterprises
Blue Hill Research

“As the complexity of legal requirements and exceptions has expanded, so has pressure to find ‘the right answer’ as efficiently as possible. Thomson Reuters Checkpoint Catalyst represents a clear response to this need by enhancing the Checkpoint Catalyst database with capabilities that promote rapid comprehension of concepts and their practical applications.”

Dave Houlihan, Principal Analyst
Blue Hill Research
Accounting Today

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“In addition to its unique research workflow and step-by-step expertise, Thomson Reuters’ Checkpoint Catalyst, which was designed specifically for the Web, includes a multi-layered intuitive search function that learns a user’s selections and preferences and – leveraging specialized cross references and equivalency tables created by editorial tax experts – delivers the most relevant search results. This intuitive search is available for all Checkpoint subscribers.”

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