White paper

2022 Year-end tax planning strategies: What firms need to know

Effective year-end tax planning is not only about helping clients plan and navigate the complexities of today's environment. It is also about reflecting inward to ensure the firm is ideally positioned for success in the coming year. Having the proper foundation is essential to help strategically plan for both the firm and the client.  

By prioritizing best practices for client planning and establishing a solid advisory relationship, you will help your clients plan accordingly for taxes and ensure that they are positioned for success. This white paper explores important year-end tax planning topics that can be put into motion today.   

By the end of this white paper, you will have strategies for:

  • Providing effective tax planning 
  • Helping clients mitigate their business and individual tax liabilities 
  • Limiting scope creep  
  • Being compensated for all the services you provide

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