Elevate Your Firm with myPay Solutions Payroll Service and Stay Informed of New Payroll Changes

In this free webcast, you'll hear directly from a practitioner who has partnered with myPay Solutions to reap the many benefits of providing payroll services—without the stress and liability of processing payrolls. Our guest practitioner will also share how the partnership with myPay Solutions has elevated their full-service practice and freed up resources to handle the increasing complexities of payroll compliance, without the worry or risk.

We'll also feature a spotlight on recent and proposed payroll changes with myPay Solutions Director of Compliance and American Payroll Association (APA) President Jim Paille, including the new overtime rules of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The new laws will impact workers' eligibility for overtime pay, effective December 1, 2016. To help prepare for advising your clients, Jim will discuss the new changes in determination rules and new salary thresholds. Prepare yourself and your clients by learning how exempt and non-exempt employees should be classified according to the latest Department of Labor rules.

We hope you'll join us for an informative webcast that blends practical payroll advice and knowledge from an expert in the business.