A guide to building a business around your life

Your Firm. Your Future.

Whether you’re a small CPA firm owner or aspiring to start your own firm, the driving force behind being your own boss is the expectation that you’ll maintain control and balance as your firm grows. So, why is it that so many small firms seem to run the owner instead of the owner running the firm?

To keep yourself in the driver’s seat, we’ve organized meaningful advice for current and future small firm owners. With real-world insight from accountants who’ve been there, this is your guide to building your firm around your life — not vice versa.

In this eBook, you’ll gain real-world insight on how to:

  • Anchor your firm with passion and purpose,
  • Maximize your impact through ownership, and
  • Operate from a position of confidence.

Get ready to think big and build your future your way.

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