Protect Your Firm From Payroll Risk What steps can your firm take to safely and effectively offer payroll services?

Many businesses report that they learned by trial and error—and now recognize—the significance of partnering with a knowledgeable certified public accountant (CPA). A do-it-yourself mentality continues to grow in popularity as large software vendors invest heavily in marketing to your customer. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes notices, fines, and stress to break that mindset and finally reach out to a professional like yourself. The good news is that payroll compliance is the first place business owners throw in the towel and seek out your professional advice. This is your opportunity to be ready and armed to handle their questions. They’ll turn to tax and accounting firms like yours for help navigating the myriad of local, state, and federal regulations and requirements.

And whether or not it’s your specialty, you may offer payroll services because you know that the more you expand your relationship with a client, the more they value your insights and trust you for more services.

The problem is, the stress of keeping up with ever-changing rules and regulations that drives businesses to seek out your help is the same stress that gets transferred on to you.

How can you offer these services without taking on the stress – let alone the risk? How can you continue to expand your client base and grow your firm and revenue, without getting bogged down in the complexity of maintaining, troubleshooting and ensuring continuous payroll compliance?

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