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Training and consulting


Audit training and consulting for accounting professionals

Technical and professional training to master your specialization

The recognized leader in productivity, AuditWatch serves the profession by providing leading experts to partner with firms.

AuditWatch is available in three delivery options: public seminars, in-house seminars and customized training. AuditWatch also offers consulting, customized course development and more. Public live seminars offer open enrollment while on-site, firm-specific seminars and customized training for professionals are tailored to meet your firm’s development needs. Customized webinars are also available.

Let your firm focus on what it does best, and rely on the know-how of Thomson Reuters to deliver the training you need.

Useful Resources

Training and consulting options

Live seminars

Instructed by hands-on experts who teach practical, relevant, and innovative material in an engaging and easy-to-follow manner.

If you’re like most firms, you don’t have the time, resources, or training expertise to provide an educational roadmap for your employees. With AuditWatch and TaxWatch University, you’ll have an organized path to professional growth, with training for tax professionals and auditors at all levels. These seminars are offered several times throughout the year for your scheduling convenience, highlighting relevant areas of study so the progressive coursework stays fresh and current.

AuditWatch University Training for Audit Professionals

An integrated development curriculum designed toward promoting the professional growth of your auditing staff. We offer seven progressive levels of training.

TaxWatch University Training for Tax Professionals

Progressive levels of core tax training, beginning with an entry-level course focused on individual taxation regulations.

In-house learning: Audit and tax seminars and training

Find the right personalized training to educate your team with our audit, accounting, and tax experts.

In-House Seminars

Advancing knowledge for the exclusive benefit of your firm.

  • Lower costs per participant
  • In-depth discussions of firm-specific issues
  • Communicate other pertinent matters and build morale

Customized Training

Tailor our programs to meet your staff development needs.

  • Address specific training needs unique to your firm
  • In-person or web-based training
  • Topics include tax, audit, or A&A

To learn more about our In-House Learning, call +1 330 207 6232.

Consulting services

Improve each engagement with your clients. Assess ways of becoming more productive.

AuditWatch Initiative

Providing core training and customized training that fits your firm and its goals.

  • Improve each engagement, improve efficiency
  • Diagnostics, best practices, team re-engineering  workshops, implementation and follow-up

Productivity Locator

Review how your engagements are being executed. Good for any size firm.

  • Examine four engagement files
  • Improve quality, efficiency, or consistency
  • Feedback on planning, risk assessment, plus evaluation, and more

Productivity Locator for Review Engagements

An affordable method to analyze and improve engagements.

  • Insight on how your reviews are executed
  • Examine two engagement files
  • Improve quality, efficiency or consistency

To learn more about AuditWatch Consulting Services, call +1 330 207 6232.

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Experienced Instructors

The AuditWatch material is so beneficial and I found the instructor's previous experience in the field of audit so valuable to the course.

Revelant Information

We do not have the capacity nor the time to come up with all of the solutions on our own, so we rely on Thomson Reuters to educate us and to keep us on our game.

Making an Impact

Highly practical and very well presented. You have made a large impact on our professional practice and we appreciate it!

Training and consulting

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