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Productivity consulting

Offer high-quality engagements and become more productive with personalized consulting services for your firm. As the premier training and productivity consulting organization for the audit profession, we effectively identify issues, make recommendations, and work with you to implement solutions using our unique combination of productivity tools, professional experience, and technical expertise.

Our approach isn’t just about doing less — it’s about doing less of the wrong things and doing the right things even better. We focus on practical advice that applies in the real world, delivered through engaging, interactive sessions.

We have worked with most of the Top 100 CPA firms and several state auditor offices. Our consultants are CPAs who have worked at national, regional, and local firms. They have consulted with a diverse array of organizations and industries, reviewed hundreds of engagement files, and are familiar with many different audit approaches and methodologies. We tailor our consulting services to each firm and each engagement to maximize your time and return on investment.

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Consulting options

AuditWatch Productivity Initiative

Improve audit efficiency, quality, and profitability. Determine the best way to identify and address your productivity issues through the highly customized AuditWatch Productivity Initiative:

  • Review audit engagement files, interview firm personnel, send surveys, and evaluate your audit methodology to diagnose specific productivity issues and opportunities.
  • Analyze how your work gets done and identify opportunities to streamline processes and eliminate waste.
  • Design a best-practices seminar to teach audit quality and efficiency principles, address obstacles, and establish consensus about the path forward.
  • Conduct team reengineering workshops — facilitated planning sessions — to guide team members in implementing changes to the engagement-level audit process, approach, and control.
  • Organize an audit productivity task force to establish the metrics, responsibilities, and accountability for driving the initiative forward.
AuditWatch Opportunity Locator

Prioritize your productivity efforts with the practical and affordable AuditWatch Opportunity Locator. Our consultants will review up to four of your engagements and provide feedback related to the following:

  • Efficiency and quality improvement opportunities
  • Execution of the audit methodology
  • Risk assessment procedures and summary
  • Performance of audit procedures
  • Documentation
  • Over- or under-auditing
  • Your audit approach compared to other firms

This consulting engagement ends with a web-based meeting to discuss our observations — complete with examples from your files — during which we present you with a focused list of productivity opportunities and immediate action items.


Checkpoint Engage Optimization Discover how to perform consistent, high-quality, efficient audits through practical advice and best practices while using Checkpoint Engage Optimization. Ideally delivered at least six months after full implementation or after the firm’s first busy season after implementation, this course provides customized feedback for best practices within Checkpoint Engage.
Small Audit Team Optimization

An affordable solution for small audit teams, Small Audit Team Optimization provides you with valuable information on how you are executing your engagements. You will have access to the AuditWatch experts as we review a file from your assurance engagement and look for opportunities to improve quality, efficiency, and consistency with the engagement team and firm management via a web-based meeting.

The benefits to a firm include a third-party evaluation of assurance productivity, a roadmap for where to focus improvement efforts, and a list of essential productivity concepts to emphasize to your professionals.

Read more about Small Audit Team Optimization.

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AuditWatch consulting services

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