Reporting cryptocurency on taxes

Ledgible Crypto Tax Pro

Cryptocurrency tax reporting software for accountants

Reporting cryptocurrency on taxes with Ledgible

Thomson Reuters has partnered with Ledgible to provide your firm with cryptocurrency tax reporting software that streamlines the compliance workflow process.

Staff will save time and build confidence managing the reporting of their clients’ cryptocurrency activity with tools that range from basic crypto tax calculations, transaction tracing, and automated reporting that conveniently integrates with UltraTax CS and GoSystem Tax RS.

Position your firm to increase engagements and new crypto tax planning and advisory service opportunities with clients.

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What you get with Ledgible

AICPA SOC 1 & 2 audited tax software

Ensures verification of internal controls endorsing industry-leading data security.

Client and team management

Structured team access that provides visibility into the status of where a client is in the workflow process.

Complete fee accounting

Capability to account for fees allows wallet and exchange cost basis calculation to minimize tax.

Current year gains and losses

Up-to-the-minute reporting promotes client engagement with tax planning and advisory services around their crypto assets.

Transaction matching

Automatically trace when holdings move between wallets and exchanges, and track the cost basis to ensure clients returns are accurate.

Exclusive integration

Reporting can be easily imported into UltraTax CS and GoSystem Tax RS.

With Ledgible the return of investment is almost immediate. Instead of spending hours analyzing one crypto client’s data and understanding the tax treatment, I can import and analyze several clients' data in the same amount of time. This allows me to focus on meaningful conversations with my clients and add greater value to our relationship.
Amanda Quinones
MTx, EA Account Executive/Ledgible

Get more out of your tax compliance workflow

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