Automating 1040 tax workflow


End-to-end 1040 tax automation solutions for tax professionals and taxpayers

Why choose SurePrep?

Automate your entire 1040 tax workflow with SurePrep

Thomson Reuters has partnered with SurePrep to provide your firm with solutions that automate your 1040 tax workflow.

You can streamline the gathering of information from clients and electronic delivery of your final product with TaxCaddy, eliminate data entry with 1040SCAN, and increase the efficiency of tax workpaper preparation and review with SPbinder while conveniently integrating with UltraTax CS and GoSystem Tax RS.

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What you get with SurePrep

Minimize data entry

Simply transmit data from scanned or uploaded documents directly into your tax software.

Eliminate verification

Patented auto-verification technology delivers 100% accuracy for native PDFs when the OCR data matches the PDF’s text layer.

Standardized workpapers

Automatically bookmark and organize tax documents into a standardized workpaper index following the flow of the tax return.

Reduce review time

Workpaper organization and annotations are standardized while hyperlinking, note threads, and change tracking simplifies this process for reviewers.

Streamline information gathering

Generate engagement letters, tailored questionnaires, and custom document request lists with a few clicks.

Simplified client experience

Mobile apps with photo scanning, e-signatures, and automated document retrieval for your client’s convenience.


Watch a demo to see 1040SCAN and SPbinder in action
Understand how SurePrep’s scan-and-populate and workpaper solutions help accountants automate their 1040 tax workflow.


Watch a demo to see TaxCaddy in action
Understand how SurePrep’s client collaboration solution streamlines the gathering of tax documents and delivery of tax returns, payment vouchers, and invoices.

We made up so much time in efficiency. The upfront scanning takes a fraction of the time of what it did before. The review took a fraction of the time it took before.
By combining SurePrep’s technology with our own standardized processes and best practices, we effectively addressed some of the most pressing demands on today’s accounting and tax firms.

Get more out of your tax compliance workflow

Learn more about SurePrep and how its applications integrate with UltraTax CS and GoSystem Tax RS. Complete this form and a member of our sales team will get back to you, or call a representative at 800.968.8900.