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Confirmation provides an easy, fast, and secure way to send more than 100 confirmation types to anyone, anywhere in the world. With our online solution, you can eliminate traditional, outdated methods prone to errors. Our growing validated network and internal procedures ensure users are who they say they are, reducing the risk of fraud. Only Confirmation provides a global network of validated responders, such as banks and law firms, that guarantee a response. Available within the Cloud Audit Suite, Confirmation delivers all the benefits of a seamless audit workflow from a single solution.

We process millions of confirmations across 170 countries each year

  • 1.5M
  • 16K
    audit firms
  • 4K
    banks and departments

Benefits of sending confirmations with Thomson Reuters

Automated assistance

Get a guaranteed response with automated follow up on the auditor’s behalf

Validated global network

Be confident your response is coming from a validated financial institution

Superior client value

Save your client’s time with a single, digital signer authorization accessible from anywhere

Streamlined process

Eliminate methods prone to errors and reduce confirmation time from weeks to days

Comprehensive solution

Manage your audit engagements and send confirmations from the same platform

Industry standard security

Roll over client account information from year to year within a secure system

See why Confirmation is the most-used service

Save time, cut costs, and stay in the know with a digital solution trusted by more than 16,000 audit firms.

See why Confirmation is the most used service
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