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Superfund Excise Tax Compliance

Volumetric-based tax calculations allow businesses to accurately calculate reinstated Superfund Excise Taxes with ease

If you’re managing taxes related to the sale or use of chemicals or hazardous substances identified by the IRS, volume-based tax calculations can be a manual and complex process. This complexity and lack of automation in determining tax puts pressure on IT, Finance, and Tax teams to create manual workarounds or reconcile inaccuracies during the return preparation and remittance process.

ONESOURCE Determination software provides the most reliable Superfund Excise Tax calculations in the market. Using innovative, cloud-based technology, superior tax calculation logic can perform volumetric-based tax calculations in real time or batch — saving you time, money, and headaches.

Confidently Meet Superfund Excise Tax Compliance Head On with ONESOURCE Determination

Confidently meet Superfund Excise Tax Compliance head on with ONESOURCE Determination

What you get with Superfund Excise Tax Content

Fast, accurate calculations

Calculate Superfund Excise Taxes accurately with the ability to handle unit of measure conversions

Powerful integrations

Connect to ERP, financial, billing, and e-commerce systems through pre-built or custom integrations

Automated updates

Feel confident you’re always using the most up-to-date regulatory rules and rates that update with zero downtime

Robust reporting coverage

Access to data required to facilitate compliance obligations by way of Alteryx, APIs, Connectors

Scenario planning

Test real-life fact patterns to better understand the tax implications of specific chemicals or hazardous substances

Robust automation intelligence

Analyze transaction data across all U.S. jurisdictions, including origin/destination, operating licenses, and more

See ONESOURCE Determination for Superfund Excise Taxes in action

ONESOURCE Determination Support for Superfund Excise Taxes

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