Managing tax season stress with Checkpoint Edge

Regulatory changes can significantly impede your firm's productivity and profitability.

Most aspects of tax preparation are straightforward, but the overwhelming impact of tax law and regulatory changes can feel like an avalanche of work during the tax busy season. 

From educating your staff and your clients to revising engagements, an inefficient process for managing regulatory change can have a detrimental impact on your firm’s productivity and profitability. 

But what if there was a way to change all that? 

Consider these scenarios

A new tax law has taken effect. How do you feel?

New accounting standards updates (ASUs) or professional standards have taken effect. How do you feel?

Your engagements must be revised. How do you feel?

Arm your firm with the right technology

To keep your firm productive and profitable amidst regulatory change, Thomson Reuters Checkpoint Edge delivers:

  • Fast answers. Get quick, targeted results based on full-phrasal, natural-language questions with our enhanced search capabilities.
  • Urgent tax topics. With next-day analysis of major tax legislation, we’ve always got the answers to your most pressing tax questions.
  • Real-time alerts. Keep up with tax policy changes as they happen with timely alerts, trusted guidance, and real-world insight.
  • Expert guidance. Protect your reputation with fully vetted sources and authoritative insights while adhering to AICPA tax library standards.

Are you ready to spend less time researching and more time on higher revenue-generating activities? 

Get started with Checkpoint Edge.

Checkpoint Edge: AI you can trust

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