A newly enhanced Checkpoint Edge June 2020 enhancements to Checkpoint Edge maximize efficiency and generate a better user experience

Checkpoint Edge is the next generation of the Checkpoint research and guidance tool for tax and accounting professionals. Trusted by 200,000 users, Checkpoint Edge is changing the way tax and accounting professionals research and find information. Equipped with the latest artificial intelligence, cognitive computer, and machine learning technologies, it enables users to find fast and accurate answers.

Since its launch in June 2019, it has received the following awards:

  • 2019 Technology Innovation Award
  • Accounting Today 2020 Top New Product
  • American Business Awards® Gold Stevie Award

The dedicated team of editors supporting Checkpoint Edge provides updates each month to ensure that data is always up to date. This allows tax researchers to continually improve the quality, efficiency, precision, and relevance of their work.

Research can be one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks. The time taken to properly research can take time away from more valuable activities that will grow a business. AI-powered research allows tax professionals to work quickly and accurately with relevant expert insight so they can focus on high-level analysis, strategic forecasting, and advisory services. With Checkpoint Edge, tax professionals can spend less time scrolling through mountains of unreliable websites, and have immediate access to trusted sources like, IRS Tax Map, Forms and instructions, state-specific departments of revenue, AICPA, and the Big 4.

The AI integrated into Checkpoint Edge is composed of the knowledge of hundreds of Thomson Reuters editors and engineers, along with the expertise of the most complete tax and legal databases in the industry. The easy-to-use research tool combines human intelligence and open sources, making it possible for the AI solution to find more connections and specific answers. This blend of data quantity and quality is necessary to ensure thorough, efficient tax research.

Tax research can quickly become over-complicated due to numerous variables such as regulatory changes, jurisdictional discrepancies and multiple interpretations of the law. Checkpoint Edge, unlike competing research tools, is programmed to recognize tax-specific language. For this reason, tax professionals who are choosing to leverage AI in their workflows today will be the ones who grow in efficiency over time.

The recent updates provide customers with the most value by maximizing efficiency and helping them to better serve their clients.


The snapshot feature orients researchers quickly using a “top of search result” card to conveniently provide:

  • Overviews
  • Definitions
  • Related tools
  • Quick tax amounts

Snapshots eliminate the need to search Google first to gain orientation around a topic or get a quick answer, and enhance ease of use by providing all information in one space.

Recommended documents and related news update

Checkpoint Edge now recommends related content via side panel links that are relevant to searchers. Recommended content may include news articles, podcasts, and documents. Recommended documents help users gain a better understanding of the research results and awareness of the most recent or pending changes to the topic they are researching. This minimizes the need to run multiple searches in Checkpoint Edge or Google.

In-product training

The addition of product tour guides acclimates and educates users about new features. Not only are users notified of new features, they also learn how to use them without breaking their workflow, getting the most value from Checkpoint Edge. Now both new and existing customers will receive a message when logging into Checkpoint Edge with a product tour of key features. The tour is optional and can conveniently be taken at any time

Document compare

Now users can quickly compare similar documents in a split screen format to determine the changes related to an update. This time saving feature allows users to continue with their workflow without exporting and printing different versions of documents.

Notification center

The notification center features real-time notifications with updates on subscription changes and new/updated features. Users will always be aware of changes made to their subscription. Aside from notifying users of new features, updates and guides are available in one convenient location. 

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