Remote compliance: Connect with your clients from anywhere 

The tax and accounting profession is heading in a new direction

See how the use of cloud-native technology offers your firm and your clients a better experience this tax season and throughout the year

1. Shift in client expectations 

  • 91% of accountants
    believe new technology delivers value such as more time to focus on their clients, or to simply be more productive. Cloud-based technology offers you the quickest path for all these benefits.

2. The right technology for now

  • 54% of accountants
    believe they can provide clients with a faster service with the right technology, while 43% believe it means client service and satisfaction will improve. Eliminating manual data entry allows you more time for clients.

3. An affordable solution

  • 87% of firms
    agree that clients expect more flexibility and better service levels without an increase in rates. Cloud technology makes finding time to grow important aspects of your business surprisingly affordable.

4. Makes tax season easier

  • 42% of individuals
    say having access to data anytime, anywhere, is the main driver for cloud adoption, followed by disaster recovery.

5. Peace of mind

  • 79% of accountants
    agree that regulations from government, industry, and international bodies are changing working practices. Thomson Reuters cloud technology with real-time, expert checks and balances provides the most up-to-date compliance guidelines.

6. Work flexibility

  • 24/7 connection
    Cloud technology maintains client connections outside of office and “always-on” view of client data. More flexible work options can help you attract and help retain future tech-savvy talent.

7. Revenue growth

  • 15% in year-over-year revenue growth
    seen in firms using 100% cloud-based accounting.

8. Customer growth

  • 5x more
    customers in companies relying solely on cloud accounting compared to businesses that do not.

9. Secure collaboration

  • Many companies
    started depending on cloud accounting software to store and process important information. Engage and share information easily through the secure tools you need anytime, anywhere.

10. Doing more with less

  • 50% reduction
    in labor costs with cloud accounting via the cloud. Get more done through efficiency and automation.