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Data Hub

Seamlessly transfer your data between business applications with Thomson Reuters Data Hub

Every company has different systems, uses, and needs for business data, and it’s more important than ever to have that data at your fingertips. Thomson Reuters Data Hub allows seamless data connectivity. Bring in data just once, and reuse it time and time again with a centralized repository. With Data Hub, you’ll spend less time manipulating your business data to conform to other formats and more time analyzing and using the data for high value strategic needs.

With Data Hub, do more with your business data than ever before

  • Save
    time on the data management process by inputting your data just once and leveraging it across your business systems
  • Strengthen
    classify, and enrich your data to make it even more useful while streamlining your existing processes
  • Leverage
    your enhanced data across any number of third-party visualization and analytical tools.
  • Reduce
    risk of manual error with complete data governance through automated, no-touch processes.

What you get with our centralized data repository

Automate data centralization

Centralize data from disparate systems and in disparate formats without the need for manual intervention.

Complete control

Full transparency for tracking, storing & accessing data based on your specifications.

Intuitive validations

Certify arriving data meets your expectations & meets downstream processes requirements.

Strengthen and enrich

Establish routines to augment your data and enrich as you’d like, making it more useful once processed.

Platform-level access

Feel confident in long-term data accessibility and simplify data access through one storage location.

Leverage data

Use and reuse your enhanced data across any number of data visualization and analytical tools, as well as ONESOURCE and Alteryx.

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