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Powerful tax data management software that saves time at every step

Why choose DataFlow

Most tax departments spend up to 80% of their work hours collecting and entering information. From workpapers to tax packages, to section 199 calculation requests, you'll dramatically reduce data collection and preparation time with Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE DataFlow. Our tax data management software helps you standardize, organize, and optimize your data at every step. Have greater visibility and control of your existing tax packages with additional structured storage.

No matter where they’re located, your clients and partners can use a simple and familiar Excel® interface to enter the tax data you need.

  • Data is then centralized so it can be used for any other processes, including provisions or compliance.
  • Data flows directly from the source to your chosen tax applications, ensuring an efficient, seamless process.
  • Build validations and diagnostics into DataFlow to increase efficiency.

Spend less time fixing mistakes — and more time focusing on what you do best.

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What is DataFlow?

As your company grows, ensure your tax teams maintain seamless access to continually updated data with DataFlow.

What is ONESOURCE DataFlow?

What you get with our data management software

Centralized data

Easily aggregate and consolidate information from around the globe using our web-based platform, so that anyone you work with can review and use it in real-time.

Workpaper standardization

Organize workpapers by creating customizable templates which can be rolled forward with automation and used across processes to significantly reduce the upkeep required for multiple Excel schedules.

Security and access controls

Set up roles and responsibilities for each user. Determine how and where to enter data, perform reviews, or consolidate data across processes.

Flexible access with APIs

Manage your entire process with the freedom to use the tools of your choice, and create custom dashboards with easy access to information that has been regularly updated.

Your data. Harmonized.

Enhanced performance and productivity

See how tax professionals are using ONESOURCE DataFlow to save time and improve workflow.



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