ONESOURCE Tax Provision

Global Access module
Collect information from around the world for accurate provisioning

Why choose Global Access

We make it simple to collect the international data you need for accurate provisioning, no matter what region your tax team is located in. The web-based ONESOURCE Global Access module from Thomson Reuters lets your overseas colleagues enter information directly into the ONESOURCE Tax Provision database from any location. They can enter values in their local language and currency, and Global Access will automatically translate for you. Plus, you can customize your instructions so that even users with no tax expertise can easily follow each screen, step by step.

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What you get with our Tax Provision add-on

User-friendly interface

Remote users can enter data through the online interface, no matter where in the world they are.

Streamlined data collection

Data flows automatically into your tax provision database, supporting real-time reporting in local currencies.

Controls and permissions

Adjust controls, permissions, and sign-offs to fit your workflow, so that the right people review the right information.

Configurable features

Get the right information when you need it with user-configurable instructions, questions, and user interface options.

Language settings

Choose from languages including English, French, Spanish, German, and many more.

Rate tracking

Easily view exchange rate changes that are tracked in the system and flagged in reports.

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