ONESOURCE Determination for sales tax

Automate sales tax decisions for growing companies with our intelligent tax determination engine

Get transaction taxes right the first time, every time, for growing companies.

Give your tax team a single source of truth, and enable stronger collaboration and visibility across your business systems with the ONESOURCE Determination intelligent tax engine. Built on native cloud technology, ONESOURCE Determination allows you to automatically calculate sales tax on transactions, no matter how often rates change. Backed by trusted content, you have access to the tax information you need at your fingertips, without having to worry about manually researching tax law changes or paying large fees.


Determination can take manual, repetitive sales tax work out of the equation, giving your team time to focus on more strategic activities and deliver value to your growing business.

Spend less time manually researching rates and pushing or pulling data and more time focusing on where your company can go next. In a growing company, it can sometimes feel like you’re constantly playing catch-up when it comes to keeping up with new tax regulations. And if you’re expanding into new markets, that complexity only grows, as does the time it takes to address it. ONESOURCE Determination has the most up-to-date content with real-time updates as regulations change, across a broad range of product categories. And it connects to your existing business systems to make calculating tax seamless.

ONESOURCE Determination has the broad content coverage, flexible technology, and seamless business system integrations you need to create efficiencies in your sales tax processes and automate formerly manual work.

Focus on more strategic activities by letting our trusted experts deliver the latest rules and rates straight to your team. With content across a wide variety of industries and sectors, ONESOURCE Determination eliminates the need for manual research.

Let your tax and IT experts spend time on more complex issues instead of grappling with technology or content updates, because when it comes to upgrades and continuous optimization, our cloud technology means there is no disruption to your business.

Reduce errors and risk from manual entry of transaction data by using our integrations for key business systems – including ERP, ecommerce, and finance. With data flowing between your key systems and your tax engine, you can gain more visibility and insights than ever before, as well as the time to dig into them.

We wanted a reliable, accurate tax solution that was flexible enough to grow with our company and would give us confidence that our tax activities were accurate.

How Determination can be a part of your business’s technology transformation.

When you’re a growing company, it’s usually a time of technological transformation – moving from manual processes to automated ones as your business expands. But if that transformation is done piecemeal, or if tax isn’t brought to the table, you can be left with disparate systems that don’t talk to each other, creating more work for your team. If your company is looking at new technologies to support run-the-business activities – whether that be a new ERP, ecommerce, or finance system – it’s usually the best time to also talk about your tax needs. ONESOURCE Determination seamlessly integrates with many systems on the market today, allowing regulatory updates, jurisdictional changes, and other tax policy data to be added and applied throughout your organization from a centralized, cloud-based hub.

By integrating ONESOURCE Determination with your business systems, you can reduce time, effort, and risk posed by manual processes or disconnected solutions. Plus, you can easily apply your tax policy consistently across your business and collaborate across regions with our cloud-native solution. 

ONESOURCE Determination integrates with a wide variety of business systems, so your transaction tax data can flow back and forth with ease. Less manual pushing and pulling of data means less risk and less time your team is spending on repetitive work.

With our robust API and integration offerings, you can add new capabilities and connect to new technologies your company invests in faster than ever before. Instead of disconnected nodes spread across your company, you can be sure you’re building a solution that can flex and be as nimble as you want to be.

By integrating your tax engine with an ERP system, you can apply your tax policy consistently with less effort. With an integrated solution like Determination handling your sales tax calculations, any type of tax policy that applies to a business can be quickly captured and applied, providing a single source of truth for all tax calculation and reporting.

When we expand, the tax system will already be in place. To have that essentially done effectively and correctly already is a huge bonus.

How Determination can support your business as it expands into new markets.

It’s exciting to be part of a growing company, watching as it expands into new opportunities and reaches new customers. But from a tax perspective, expansion can also be challenging, especially if you have a small team. Individual states, counties, and cities have their own ever-changing rates for taxable transactions, and as you grow, it can quickly become overwhelming to keep up with these changes and filing requirements. ONESOURCE Determination has content coverage of thousands of jurisdictions, both in the US and internationally, to support you wherever you go. And our cloud technology means that no matter where you do business, ONESOURCE remains a central source of truth, accessible wherever you need it.

ONESOURCE Determination has the widest coverage of product taxability categories, the centralized cloud structure, and the seamless integration to support any new additions to your tech stack.

ONESOURCE Determination helps you navigate complexity by delivering content across a wide variety of industries and sectors, including thousands of jurisdictions in the US and internationally. You can expand into new regions easier than ever before, backed by our trusted content to cover you wherever you go.

It’s never been easier to add on new capabilities as your systems grow more complex. ONESOURCE Determination’s cloud-built engine delivers a solution that shifts, evolves, and scales as your tax needs change. It can auto-scale to add more capacity as you need it, and our robust API connections mean it’s never been easier to add on new capabilities as your systems grow more complex.

With a wide variety of prebuilt and custom integrations, Determination makes it easy to hook up to new systems if your business is part of a merger or acquisition. Flexible connections mean it’s never been easier to bring new systems and data into the engine so you can quickly adapt to organizational change.

When we expand, the tax system will already be in place. To have that essentially done effectively and correctly already is a huge bonus.

How Determination can help you reduce risk & limit tax audit exposure.

ONESOURCE Determination ensures you get sales and use tax right the first time, every time, while keeping track of shifting regulations, so that you can reduce the risk of costly penalties and reputational damage. Because calculating taxes correctly isn’t just a matter of getting the math right - it's vital to the health of your organization. Inaccurate tax calculations can be costly, and can inhibit your organization’s ability to plan, grow, and adapt to changing market dynamics. Tax errors can also result in penalties that impact your bottom line and can even affect public perceptions and customer loyalty.

ONESOURCE Determination has the trusted content, reporting, and data connections you need to reduce risk and ensure that your sales tax calculations are accurate.

Determination takes the guesswork out of tax calculations by providing the answers you need faster than ever, updated as soon as regulations change. No matter where you’re operating or what you’re selling, we have the latest rates so you can stay current without overburdening your team.

With our intuitive reporting dashboards, you can easily drill down into your tax data and gain key insights, as well as spot trends your team needs to keep an eye on. And our audit trail capabilities make it easy for you to map when a change happens so that you’re prepared to defend.

With Determination’s integrations to your key business systems – including ERP, ecommerce, and finance – you can reduce the risk associated with manual data entry. Transaction data flows seamlessly between your systems and the engine, ensuring consistent application of your tax policy.

We wanted a reliable, accurate tax solution that was flexible enough to grow with our company and would give us confidence that our tax activities were accurate.

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