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Intercompany Agreements Automate and streamline contracts with our intercompany agreement software

Why choose Intercompany Agreements

Under the OECD’s BEPS rules, global companies must have their intercompany agreements (ICAs) under control to support their transfer pricing documentation. You're required to produce a list of all agreements in the Master File, and also include copies of the important agreements in the Local File — which can be a lot to manage. Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing Intercompany Agreements software helps you to generate, update, and analyze intercompany agreements more efficiently, and meet challenges from global tax authorities head on. Manage all your ICAs in one centralized place, so you can easily draft and execute any transfer pricing agreement.

What you get with our comprehensive intercompany agreement software

Increase efficiency

Import your existing ICAs, or automate and standardize your existing templates without the need to start contracts from scratch.

Collect e-signatures

Integrate e-signature solutions so your business partners will have access to sign electronically from anywhere, to securely and quickly complete contracts.

Improve contract management

Store copies of all agreements in a central, searchable repository, making it easy to compile them for documentation.

Avoid gaps in coverage

​Get alerts to transactions across your firm that might be subject to an ICA, plus see when contracts have expired or are about to expire.

About BEPS

BEPS legislation is transforming tax planning and compliance for global businesses. Thomson Reuters gives you the information and tools you need to navigate the new regulations.

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