Tax Information Reporting
Federal tax software covering US federal, state, Puerto Rico, and Canada

Why choose Tax Information Reporting

Whether tax information reporting is central to your business or a back-office function, you need to file on time and in compliance. Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Tax Information Reporting gives you the software and services you need to file complete and accurate electronic forms in all US states, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Meet federal and state regulation, including mandatory e-filing, with our online filing tools. Automatically track withholdings, B-notices, penalty notices, W-8 and W-9 forms, and TIN data, and document and justify penalty abatements. Boost productivity for your entire team by spending less time on research and paperwork.


The answer to 1099 tax information reporting

Take the complexity out of 1099 reporting. For tax decision makers around the world who need a secure, accurate, and robust solution, ONESOURCE Tax Information Reporting offers a better way.

What you get with our broad tax reporting software


File forms annually, quarterly, or periodically with the IRS's new Filing Information Returns Electronically (FIRE) system.

W-8/W-9 Automation

Automate the compliance process for payments to foreign vendors with our robust W-8 and W-9 reporting.

Extensive CRA filing options

Ensure that your CRA tax forms, including T4A, T5008, NR4, T5018, T5, and more comply with all regulations.

Secure Web Services

Add-on module for Tax Information Reporting that lets your clients and support staff access and update 1099 and related forms online.

TIN Compliance

Add-on module for Tax Information Reporting that automates B-Notice handling and processing for all the payees you manage.

Tax Withholding Management

Add-on module for Tax Information Reporting that keeps track of employee tax withholding and makes sure payments are on time.

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