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Transfer Pricing Documenter

Intuitive transfer pricing documentation software

Why choose Transfer Pricing Documenter

Our completely revamped Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing Documenter software is designed to be super flexible, to support the documentation process that works best for you. Modularize the content used to create reports, and customize your report layouts to fit different global requirements. Search multiple comparable databases simultaneously while working in Microsoft® Word and Excel®-like environments. And get up-to-date regulatory information on revenue authorities located around the world, including the IRS transfer pricing accounting regulations and the OECD Guidelines. Whether you’re making changes to a policy or preparing a new transfer pricing report, Documenter can help you create efficiencies and achieve global compliance.

What you get with our transfer pricing documentation software

Automatic import

Import existing templates and copy search criteria and functional information to save time on manual data entry.

Intuitive search capabilities

Scan multiple company databases at once, tab through company financials, and compare assessments for more accurate reporting.


Produce supporting documentation for global compliance, including an audit log that tracks the comparable search process.

Powerful reporting

Set up and organize reports that work for you, create custom line items or ratios, and analyze multiple data sets at once.

Central content library

Store custom templates and content you've created in a central content library, to leverage across your reports.


Powerful search tool that optimizes the way you analyze comparable companies.

Why ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing?

Learn how Momentive Performance Materials took their transfer pricing process in house to benefit from substantial costs savings and better reporting.

We easily save $30,000 to $50,000 annually by using ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing instead of outsourcing the work.
About BEPS

BEPS legislation is transforming tax planning and compliance for global businesses. Thomson Reuters gives you the information and tools you need to navigate the new regulations.

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