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More efficient, accurate, and timely audit confirmation workflow

Integrate Confirmation within your firm

Confirmation offers API capabilities to partners involved with all aspects of the audit confirmation and asset verification workflows. Accounting firms, financial institutions, and third-party software applications integrate with this solution through a wide range of APIs to make processes more efficient, accurate, and timely.

Gain access to a broader array of information to track the progress of your clients' audit confirmation engagements, automate downloading and filing confirmation data into work papers, and automate the reconciliation of confirmation fees. You can integrate some or all aspects of the Confirmation auditor workflow into your firm's internal tools to provide a consistent user experience for all stages of an audit engagement.

Responding entities such as financial institutions can automate processing audit confirmation responses and get detailed metrics to monitor the efficiency of their departments and staff.

What you get with Confirmation APIs


Automate low-value, high effort tasks so your staff can focus on more valuable aspects of your workflows.


Some of the world's largest accounting firms and financial institutions use Confirmation APIs to process hundreds of thousands of transactions.


Reduce data entry errors and access more of your data more quickly.


Supplement the Confirmation user interface or replace it with the user experience you want for your teams.


Deploy solutions in phases that address your most significant needs and then add to those solutions over time.


The same rigorous security standards apply to all aspects of the Confirmation platform, including the APIs.

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The Confirmation API development roadmap highlights the currently available features and what's coming.

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