ONESOURCE Global Classification features

Reduce the time and resources spent on product classification for import and export 

Streamline and automate the classification workflow, increase accuracy, and improve collaboration across your organization

Product classification management

Simplify compliance with product classification software that helps manage the constant regulatory changes and reduces time-consuming and error-prone activities for trade compliance departments.

Global trade compliance support

Access a database designed to meet trade compliance needs, such as supporting multi-sourcing of the same part number, holding multiple tariff numbers for one part number, and requiring classification of any Other Government Agency (OGA) information.

Real-time regulatory updates 

Stay updated on regulatory changes to ensure fulfillment of reporting requirements and prevent goods from being stopped at a border due to noncompliance. The timely dissemination of information is paramount for trade compliance.

Smart HS classification tool 

Leverage our artificial intelligence solution to save time with automated six-digit classifications, improve accuracy, and reduce the risk of noncompliance and incorrect duty payments. Take the risk out of manual misclassification of exports and avoid costly penalties.

Save time by incorporating automation and AI into product classification

Integration tools

Compare product classifications across geographies or business units to ensure consistency and accuracy. Seamlessly integrate ONESOURCE Global Classification with current business systems.

ERP and web services integration

ONESOURCE Global Classification will process product information supplied as Excel spreadsheets, or you can fully integrate it with the company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. ONESOURCE is a certified integrator for the major ERPs, delivering reliable end-to-end integration as part of our solution.

Globally accessible product database 

Disparate databases are a risk to import and export product classification accuracy. A central, cloud-based repository acts as a single version of truth. It allows for the creation and sharing of product information securely throughout the organization to classify accurately across all geographies.

A single place to search 

For exports, you have the ability to browse the deep ONESOURCE Global Trade Content database to select the correct Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCN) or munitions list numbers. Link directly to dual-use lists in the native language and English to determine country-specific export requirements.

ONESOURCE is the one source of truth for global product classification

Time-saving tools

Automate the six-digit classifications using the correct commodity codes to avoid delayed cycle times, confiscated goods, costly fines, and other unexpected outcomes.

Centralized classification platform

To keep goods flowing seamlessly across international borders, trading partners need accurate and timely product classification data. With a centralized classification platform, every trading partner with internet can access accurate Harmonized System codes anytime during a supply chain transaction, reducing the chance of delayed shipments, penalties, and other late fees.

Multi-country classification 

Save time by cascading data elements from a global WCO classification profile or one country profile to other profiles. ONESOURCE Global Classification also assists in the use of ONESOURCE Global Trade Content to classify SKUs en masse.

Leverage AI to save time 

Automatically compare unique information, such as product attributes, weights, measures, trademarks, Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) codes, etc., with the WCO Harmonized System (HS) database — which contains more than 5,000 products — to link the product to its correct HS number accurately.

Save time by incorporating automation and AI into product classification

Search tools

Smart ECN offers access to the most current global trade information. The organization can be confident it has made the correct classification decisions while avoiding costly import or export control penalties

Intelligent ECCN search

Look at products you’ve assigned ECCNs to historically and compare them with the products you’d like to classify to find similarities. The tool recommends the best ECCN matches, ranked by how closely the products with that ECCN match with the product criteria. Then, scan the descriptions and select the ECCN.

HS codes to ECCN numbers 

If you have previously classified the product with an HS code, our tool can use that information to provide correlated ECCN numbers — for those countries that publish HS to ECCN correlations — ranked by frequency of HS-declaration association. Then, you can scan the descriptions and select the ECCN.

Stay up to speed with changes and simplify import and export compliance