HS & ECCN classification software

Ensure import and export compliance with ONESOURCE Global Classification

Automate your Harmonized System (HS) and Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) classifications with accurate codes and duty rates to stay compliant

Automatically classify traded products to ensure the correct Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) and ECCN codes

Efficiently maintain a tax audit trail

Stay organized for customs audits by maintaining a complete audit trail of the global trade team’s transactions, which you can download, print, and share with internal stakeholders and customs authorities. Attach documentation to individual product records to easily support classification decisions.

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Apply the correct Harmonized System classification quicker than ever before with the Smart HS tool

Classify with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Let our Smart HS tool guide you through a series of tailored questions that use product characteristics taken from the tariff schedule to recommend an HS code at the six-digit World Customs Organization (WCO) level. The tool gains sophistication and intelligence with time as you use it.

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Ensure a consistent and repeatable HTS and ECCN classification process

Disparate systems and countless Microsoft Excel spreadsheets make it difficult for many trade compliance departments to share product information and ensure a consistent and repeatable import and export process. ONESOURCE Global Classification easily creates and shares product information by creating single or multiple instances of the product database, increasing consistency and accuracy.

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Avoid errors and save time with the correct product classification for import and export compliance

Stay on top of regulatory changes

Manage new, retired, and changed HS numbers and Other Government Agency (OGA) requirements to ensure parts remain accurately classified.

Reduce time spent on product classification activities

Save time by automating the tracking of activities, setting up tasks for product classification, and assigning them to your team.

Simplify classification reporting

Leverage standard, out-of-the-box reports, queries, and scorecards to assist in data analysis and workflow management.

Automate your product classification to increase accuracy and efficiency

Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning for a smarter way of doing HS classification

Smart HS saves time with automated six-digit classifications, allowing the trade department to shift attention to more strategic activities. It automatically checks for correlations with other relevant data to improve insights while creating a highly reliant audit trail. No need to worry about audits — it integrates with enterprise platforms to capture, update, and share relevant information easily, safely, and in the required language across the entire value chain without any duplication.

Compete confidently in an evolving global trade environment with ONESOURCE Global Classification's strategic platform

Get the most accurate regulatory tariff data 

Unlike most other Smart Classification systems with a 30% error rate, it leverages over 200 analysts to track tariff regulations across more than 240 countries to provide the most accurate data.

Gain visibility into tariff number changes 

An automated solution with built-in trade data manages tariff numbers that are about to or have recently changed and products classified with them. Proactively choose new classifications ahead of time.

Effectively meet record-keeping requirements 

With all classification data stored in a single location, an organization knows exactly when additions, changes, or deletions occur, increasing overall control and accuracy.