Save time in your tax workflow and improve client interactions with UltraTax CS


Hear how Integrity Tax and Accounting has saved 5-10 minutes per tax return by using UltraTax CS, and enjoys the data sharing and integration features within the CS Professional Suite, enabling better client relationships.

Hi. I'm Kalena Bruce. I'm from Integrity Tax and Accounting, Certified Public Accountants, in Bolivar, Missouri. I'm the Managing Partner there.

The data sharing portion of the UltraTax (CS) software has been very beneficial for our firm. If you're saving five to ten minutes per return on input, when you multiply that times 300, 500, 1000 tax returns, that adds up really fast, not to mention some of the great functionalities of the multi-state apportionment. You're only doing that work once and not three, four, five times, or even by hand like we were doing before we purchased UltraTax (CS), with another tax software. So we love the data sharing ability in that software.

We love the fact that Thomson Reuters software is fully integrated. We love that whenever a client comes through the door and says, "Hey, my address changes," that our admin person changes the address in Practice (CS) and it pushes it through to the rest of the software. We're not missing something, we don't have a wrong address, whenever, six months down the line, we prep a tax return. And so it's been a time-saving thing for us, but also a face-saving thing for us. The clients tell you, "Hey, we told you this months ago." Well that's great, but we forgot to update this software, that software. We don't have that problem anymore. We fix it in one spot, it pushes out and data shares with everything else. It's clean, it's simple and it's wonderful.

I would definitely recommend UltraTax (CS) to any firm preparing tax returns. I will say that my partner drug me, kicking and screaming, into the UltraTax (CS) world because I didn't want to learn something new. And I thought that it would slow me down having to go through a whole tax season learning a new process, but it definitely didn't. I'm amazed every day at the different things that UltraTax (CS) can do, the things that I'm learning. So I would say definitely jump in, both feet, put your worries aside about learning software, Thomson Reuters team is fantastic in their training aspect of it, and go for it.