What's the leading tax software used by CPA firms?

"UltraTax CS is the best tax software available"

- Michelle Jackson, MAcc, CPA, Tax Manager at Bing & Associates


Tax software used by over 20,000 accounting firms

Hear why Bing & Associates would recommend UltraTax CS to any firm in need of robust tax software because it's easy to onboard staff and the resources the program offers are endless, including data mining functionality, diagnostics tools, and in program research and guidance.

My name is Michelle Jackson, I'm a CPA, and we have a practice in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Bing & Associates. There are eight of us. I'm a tax partner and manager. And we are an all service, all inclusive service accounting firm. So our firm started with creative solutions, many years ago, and we have just naturally progressed with Thomson Reuters to the UltraTax (CS) platform, and we love it.

The tools and resources that UltraTax (CS) provides our firm are endless. We use the data mining feature, which is where you can compile the data of the clients that you have, and send emails, send letters, you can hone in on certain specific clients that you're trying to reach out to.

Other tools that we love within the UltraTax (CS) program are the research tools that are available. So for example, if I'm on an input screen or a form, and I want to research that particular form, all I have to do is right click and find the research tool, whether it be Checkpoint® or the federal, the IRS's website. And it will drill down and take you directly to the research that is available for that particular form. We use that a lot.

So one of the tools that we love within the UltraTax (CS) platform is the diagnostics tool. We use that from the preparer level, all the way up to the reviewer level. It gives you the opportunity to look at what you had last year, missing items, and determine if you need to address them this year. UltraTax (CS) has allowed us to bring on new staff members with minimal difficulty. UltraTax (CS) has some wonderful tutorials that are available, 1040 all the way up to trusts, and it's a pamphlet that you can easily provide to a new staff and they can use that and run through the entire tax return process, and learn a lot about the program.

When I hear other firms talk about the tax software that they use, I chuckle, because I know that UltraTax (CS) is the best one out there. I would recommend it to anybody who needs a good tax, robust tax system.