Global Trade Import ManagementLeading Global Import Compliance & Management Software Solutions from Thomson Reuters

Add visibility and reduce risk of non-compliance with powerful import compliance software

Managing constantly changing regulations from multiple agencies around the world can be challenging. ONESOURCE Global Trade Import Software reduces your risk of non-compliance and excess duty payment, while increasing the efficiency of your overall import process.

Our Import Compliance Software gives you control over all documents relevant to the import process and ensures information stays consistent, secure and linked in a standardized process. This increased control will allow you to automatically calculate costs and expenses so you can make comparisons and view discrepancies between planned and actual costs.

The First Truly Global Solution for Import Compliance & Management

ONESOURCE Import Software features:

  • Customs clearance knowledge
  • Cost and expense risk analysis
  • Document Control
  • Import process control
  • Antidumping/CVD Controls
  • Shipment status visibility
  • Global Trade content (Harmonized Tariff, Schedule B, ADD/CVD, OGA)

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