706 Estate Tax Federal and state 706 estate tax return software for increased control

Easily generate federal and state estate/inheritance tax returns. Speed up the process with the 706 Estate Tax module of ONESOURCE Trust & Estate Administration.

  • Automate tax functions
  • Calculate tax return, prior transfer credit, foreign death, and more
  • Track state information and calculate the state death tax deduction

As you work, the 706 module calculates the tax return, including prior transfer credit and generation-skipping transfer taxes. It even calculates:

  • Section 2032A valuation
  • Section 6166
  • Interest and penalty
  • Data entry for inter-related calculations is made simple by requiring two bits of information: percent of residue and percent of taxes payable out of surviving spouses or charity’s share of residue.
  • State information as you work — no more double entries. State returns are available for:

    • Connecticut (Taxable and Non-Taxable)
    • Illinois
    • Massachusetts
    • Maryland
    • New Jersey (Inheritance and Estate tax)
    • New York
    • Pennsylvania

Our 706 estate tax return software can be used as a standalone product, or integrated with other ONESOURCE Trust & Estate Administration modules

The Fiduciary Calendar module is integrated and included with the 706 module and other ONESOURCE Trust & Estate Administration modules.