Thomson Reuters Onvio Client Center True Client and Staff Collaboration in a CPA Online Portal

Online Client Portal Software for Accountants

Combined with the intuitive Onvio Documents, Onvio Client Center gives you the latest in true client and staff collaboration. Think of this secure online client portal software as the hub for communication between your staff and clients.

What’s the Right Communication Channel for Your Firm?

Paper, third-party portal or integrated portal solution? View this infographic before you make your decision.

Onvio Client CenterInfographic – 67kb

Staff-Client Collaboration Made Simple

Work the way your clients work

Onvio Client Center is optimized for tablet and web, so your clients can work from any device.

Share documents easily

Onvio works with popular document sharing solutions like Dropbox® and Google Drive™.

Upload documents in a snap

Drag, drop, scan or select documents to upload them.

Communicate with your clients

Make it easy for you and your clients to securely exchange documents, with third parties. You can even give clients “tasks” that require their action, such as completing e-signatures.

Collaborate on edits

Thanks to the ease with which your staff and clients can exchange documents, it’s easy to collaborate on edits.

Build your brand

Thanks to the ability to brand your firm’s Client Center, you can extend your brand to even more online interactions.

Online Client Portal Software — on the Go

Onvio Documents and Onvio Client Center are also available in convenient mobile applications for you, your staff and your clients.

Scan and Upload

Scan and upload

Quickly scan and upload multi-page documents with your mobile device’s camera.



Take photos of source documents with your mobile device and enhance them in the app (flip, crop, de-skew, flatten, etc.) either automatically or manually.



Edit files in their native Microsoft® programs (for example, Excel®) while you’re in the app.



Because you and your clients are viewing the same information in real time, it’s easy to assist your customers with their questions — even from the mobile app.

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