Data Query

Direct access to your reporting data

Gain greater insight and a structured process for reporting on your provision. With the Data Query module of ONESOURCE Tax Provision, you can access the data you need—at the moment you need it.
Data Query

A deeper dive into data

For those times when you need to conduct additional analysis on your provision, here’s the tool that lets you utilize and repurpose the data in ONESOURCE Tax Provision for deeper analytics. Data Query is a web-based solution that allows you to quickly and easily pull current and historical data from ONESOURCE Tax Provision, helping you mine for the information you need for reporting purposes. The software also offers the ability to filter, compare and analyze the data, conduct “what-if” scenarios, and produce pivot tables with your ONESOURCE Tax Provision data.

Enjoy the flexibility to use and save your data within a secure environment. Build and embed queries or develop report filters, and share them with others in your organization. Data Query lets you develop companion reports that live with the provision or supporting documentation for the return and provision true-up amounts.

Features and benefits

  • Enables quick and easy access to data for customized reporting purposes.
  • Facilitates “what-if” planning to meet corporate and business objectives.
  • Offers pivot table functionality to slice and dice your data.
  • Provides easy access to the data you use on a routine basis.
  • Allows users to set up queries that are repeatable and can be shared among the team.

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