Global Access

Global information collection within your reach

With Global Access, let colleagues from around the globe enter information that flows directly into your tax provision database. Worried you don’t have a tax person in every region? The Global Access module of ONESOURCE Tax Provision provides an easy, step-by-step process that allows anyone to enter the required information, transform values into local currency and convert it into reporting-ready data in real time.
Global Access

Gather data from anyone, anywhere, at any time

Collect information from sources anywhere in the world with a secure and simple-to-use web-based solution. Global Access enables foreign or remote users to enter data directly into ONESOURCE Tax Provision, in real time, where it can be immediately accessed and modified by the tax department. Users do not require any knowledge of tax to enter information – it’s that simple.

Signoff and user controls enable extensive workflow automation by allowing your tax department to set layers of review and sign off. Remote users are only given access to those entities over which they have jurisdiction, and each screen gives detailed, line-by-line instructions. Wherever possible, data will pre-populate for users — for example with balances, tax rate and pretax book income.

Customize the instructions, questionnaires and user interface to suit your department’s needs. Choose from several languages, including English, French, Spanish and German. Information is gathered in local currencies and translated to the reporting currency using the appropriate exchange rates, with any adjustments automatically generated and posted. Changes in rates are tracked throughout the system in the P&L and balance sheet, and isolated in separate columns on the reports.

Features and benefits

  • Remote users can enter local tax provision information via a simple-to-use web application.
  • Data flows automatically into the tax provision database, reporting in real time and in local currencies.
  • Workflow automation can be customized with user controls, permissions and sign-offs.
  • User experience is customizable to the needs of your tax department.

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