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Listen to engaging conversations with thought leaders in corporate tax. Irish McIntyre, vice president of product management, talks to your professional peers about managing worldwide compliance in a data-intensive world.

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Gaining Significant Improvement in Accuracy and Timeliness

Sept. 17, 2012

Think a tax team can’t get recognition from auditors and C-level executives? Bill Dierkes, director of Tax Process at Delphi Automotive, reveals how significant improvements in accuracy, timeliness, analysis and reporting have helped his team achieve a significant level of recognition throughout the organization. You’ll hear how utilizing data management solutions has helped his team overcome bankruptcy, material weakness, significant deficiencies and a changing business environment.Listen to his ideas on how any tax department looking to achieve success.

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How to Speed up Data Collection by Two to Three Weeks

Aug. 16, 2012

Adrian Hioe, director of Tax Process & Technology at AECOM Technology, reveals how utilizing data management solutions has helped his team move from a manually intensive provision and return process to one that is faster and smoother. “We can receive a lot more information now and that gives a higher visibility to our tax provision numbers. Also, people in other countries can enter their data and we at the corporate level can see the impact right away.” Listen to his advice for any tax department looking to take steps towards managing data.

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From Complex to Consolidated. How to Automate 70% of Tax Adjustments

July 16, 2012

Interested in not only working faster, but smarter? Chip Gooding, director of Tax Accounting and Reporting at Commercial Metals Company (CMC), shares how transitioning to standardized workpapers helped his tax team automate 70% of their tax adjustments and speed up everything. From adjusting their U.S. deferreds in only three days to being on track to a faster year-end close. Find out how when implementing ONESOURCE, CMC got great results by working with both McGladrey & Thomson Reuters.

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Why Data Management Processes are Priceless

June 5, 2012

Find out how one organization challenged with material weakness was able to turn around their tax provision and compliance processes through automation. Elaine Lundin, manager, global tax accounting at a global automotive manufacturer, walks us through steps taken to mitigate error, accelerate tax cycles and improve data collection and integration between their return and provision process worldwide. Hear how they are now standardizing 90% to 95% of their calculations around the world.

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Saving 20 Hours in Data Manipulation During a Seven-Day Close

May 10, 2012

Linda Peoples, CPA tax manager of Tax Accounting and Reporting at AstraZeneca, shares how data management has helped her tax department compute 75% of their book tax adjustments and shave 20 hours of manual effort off of their seven-day close. Hear how her tax team is avoiding having to work overtime and receiving recognition.

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How to Reduce Your Compliance Process By 50%

April 3, 2012

Rich Heller, tax director at Bayer Corporation, provides insight into how data management initiatives helped Bayer reduce manual data manipulation by 90%, and put it on track to free up 10,000 hours of manual preparation from their compliance process.

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Filing a Month Early? How About Two?

March 22, 2012

Chuck Kamen, state & local tax manager at Lehigh Hanson, discusses recent data management initiatives that have allowed his team to be on track to accelerate filing by two months.


Aligning Your Data Management Tools and Processes

Dec. 8, 2011

Looking for better data and results? Listen to Irish McIntyre, vice president of product management for Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE, explain how to leverage the right information to align your data management tools and processes.

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