Industry Reports Instant Access to Global Industry Analysis For Transfer Pricing Documentation

ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing recognizes the need for comprehensive documentation in the wake of increased regulations worldwide. With a global spotlight on transfer pricing, leveraging industry reports can assist you with providing the required in-depth industry insight and analysis needed for transfer pricing documentation.

Gain a current understanding of your industry’s key risks and influences with the industry report module by Avention, available through ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing. The industry report module is easy to search and provides insight into the following:

  • Industry value drivers and trends
  • Market size and opportunities
  • Competitive landscape
  • Frequently asked industry questions

With over 24 million companies across 100 industries, the industry report module will provide you with the information you need to elevate your transfer pricing documentation and defend your transfer pricing position to tax authorities and financial auditors. Our single sign-on functionality means that you will no longer need to search for external sources for industry information – a direct link to information you need will be available upon logging into ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing.

Industry Reports

Industry Report Module

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