Global Compliance Successfully navigate global regulation with a strong foundation

Compliance is what we strive for every day in the world of corporate tax. If you’re well-positioned, you can be compliant in a transparent and sustainable way across geographical boundaries. With the right tax technology laying the groundwork for such success, Tax can be elevated to a strategic, trusted value center within the larger organization.

Cutting through tax process inefficiency is ONESOURCE, the comprehensive tax compliance solution ensures compliance across the global tax lifecycle, anywhere, anytime. Trusted by more than 150,000 users worldwide and uniformly used by the Global 7 Accounting Firms, ONESOURCE stands tall as a global leader in simplifying the world of tax compliance. As your partner it boosts your tax operations to an unparalleled level of accuracy, transparency and efficiency that will help you create a sustainable and agile corporate tax framework worldwide.

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Global Compliance: A Competitive Strength will help you address today’s global compliance challenges and discover ways to make compliance activities a competitive strength within your tax department, from organizational structure to tax technology solutions. Learn the four key areas where tax technology can make the most impact on your global compliance and reporting activities—and ultimately gain a sustainable framework to position you for long-term success.

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Elevating the value and visibility of your corporate tax department

With unparalleled corporate tax solutions, staggering global reach and leading market share, Thomson Reuters defies conventional ways of thinking about tax compliance by developing and providing the latest technology. With our ONESOURCE suite of offerings, global compliance activities become proactive and efficient, elevating the value and visibility of your corporate tax department. Learn more about the unmatched global leadership of ONESOURCE. Check out more fascinating stats in our global fact book.

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