Uncertain Tax Positions Easily manage your tax reserves inventory under ASC 740-10 (formerly FIN 48)

Uncertain Tax Positions

Leave behind formula risks and spreadsheet errors

Under FIN 48, businesses are required to disclose more income tax risks than ever before. Balancing multiple tax reserves across many years and jurisdictions can be a tedious and error prone process, so it’s imperative to have a good system in which to manage your uncertain tax positions. With ONESOURCE Uncertain Tax Positions software, easily maintain your company’s rolling inventory of tax reserves in a secure, controlled and standardized environment.

Reduce risk and increase speed of managing your uncertain tax positions

With ONESOURCE Uncertain Tax Positions, leave behind formula risk and spreadsheet error. Take control of monotonous tasks like rollover, updating interest rates, calculations, preparing journal entries and other general maintenance.

Automate with the industry-standard for uncertain tax positions

ONESOURCE Uncertain Tax Positions comes with interest calculations powered by TimeValue’s Interest and Penalties, so you can confidently automate your interest rate calculations with the professional standard relied on by the Internal Revenue Service and accounting firms nationwide.

Leverage technology

Learn how you can use ONESOURCE to transform your Uncertain Tax Positions process.

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Understand tax reserves with precision

ONESOURCE Uncertain Tax Positions increases transparency into your inventory of tax reserves, including related documentation and disclosures. Advanced reporting provides flexible display options to understand data in multiple user-defined ways including by year, type, entity or other groupings. Be sure you tax reserves are complying with the FIN 48 accounting rules with speed and ease.

ONESOURCE Uncertain Tax Positions at Electronic Arts

Learn how Electronic Arts uses ONESOURCE Uncertain Tax Positions from Thomson Reuters.

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Customer Insights

With ONESOURCE Uncertain Tax Positions, we have cut our UTP process time in half – saving roughly 160 hours/year, or a month of one person’s time! And we were able to shorten the time spent during financial close which was most important to us.

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