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The volume of tax deadlines can be difficult to keep track of, and missing a tax deadline can be costly. Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE™ Calendar is a tax calendar software that automates the process of due date monitoring and the tracking of tax-related activities, so you’ll never inadvertently miss a tax due date. Easy to set up and simple to use, ONESOURCE Calendar software is a configurable solution you can count on.

User-defined Tax Calendar software to monitor, track, and automate tax due dates

Spreadsheets can become corrupt and outdated, and they require set up, input and management. That’s why corporate tax departments rely on ONESOURCE Calendar. Easy to set up and use, ONESOURCE Calendar offers a central location to track multiyear tax due dates, payments, extensions, filings and projects.

Fully configurable to meet the needs of your tax department, ONESOURCE Calendar is more than just a tax calendar. Our robust software pre-populates tax deadlines according to your region and updates tax law changes automatically. Users can define their own fields to track additional event information. Tax calendar software can help you balance your staff’s workload by allocating and tracking assignments. Plus, you can print and mail forms in bulk for scheduled events. ONESOURCE Calendar is web-based and accessible from wherever you work. Our granular security feature allows you to control who can set up or manage events.

Features & Benefits

  • Managed global content and automated tax law updates make it the most robust tax calendar software available.
  • A central location to keep track of due dates, payments, extensions, filings and projects.
  • User-defined criteria display events according to your specific needs.

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Customer Insights

With ONESOURCE Calendar, we now have real-time results. We don’t have to wait till the next morning, til someone comes in and logs something in…as soon as the return is complete, as soon as the sign has been reviewed/started, we know exactly the status, we know if we’re going to be able to meet our deadlines …

Kelvin Crumby
Tax Manager, Balfour Beatty