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Consulting for CS Professional Suite
Work with our experts to get the most out of your software

Why choose Consulting for CS Professional Suite

Get the most out of your Thomson Reuters CS Professional Suite software with our expert consulting services. Go beyond software training to get a thorough overview of the latest best practices in the profession and system enhancements that can help you get the most out of your tools. Based on your business goals, you can choose from three consulting offerings. Our product implementation program gets your team set up right with new software, while our product optimization program is designed to help you better use the software you already have. Or, opt for our business workflow program, to focus on improving every aspect of your team's workflow.

How product implementation works

Project introduction

We start by setting expectations, discussing conversion and migration, and setting production direction.

Business process analysis

During a two-to-five-day analysis session, we determine any changes to your current workflow, then design and set up your system.

Document processes

Next, we document all decisions in a customized implementation plan.

Setup assistance

​An online session lets us review any open items and prepare for training.


We lead customized, onsite training sessions for groups of 15 or fewer over multiple days.


Once you’re using the product, we monitor how it’s working, offer support as you learn, and make any adjustments.

How product optimization works

Project introduction

In an online meeting, we discuss key issues and set an agenda for the onsite visit.

Onsite analysis

We talk with you and review your system configuration, evaluating how you’re using the products.

Onsite interviews

During the onsite visit, we may interview other staff members to get their perspective.

Product feature review

We work with you to make sure you’re taking advantage of features added to the program since your implementation.

Begin implementation

We work through any necessary changes with you in a full-day onsite visit.

Document delivery

We document any steps needed to finalize your new processes.

How business workflow consulting works

Project introduction

We discuss your vision for the business, firm structure, clients, and plans for growth.

Onsite observation

We visit your office and watch your business workflow in action.

Onsite interviews

We interview key staff members to identify strengths, challenges, and current processes.

Subject matter expert analysis

We review all information and develop specific recommendations for your firm.

Report findings

We document specific recommendations for what you can do to yield immediate benefits.

Review recommendations

In a follow-up call, we review our findings and discuss methods for addressing your goals while increasing ROI.

Ready to start a conversation?

Need more information about how our solutions can work for you? Drop us a line and someone from our sales team will get back to you. Or you can call a representative in your region at +1 800 968 8900.

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