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The advisory journey of Harper & Company CPAs Plus


For years, owner Glenn Harper had a different vision for his firm.

Glenn and his Practice Manager, Julie Smith, made the commitment together to implement Practice Forward. Now the vision is a reality.

Hear about their inspirational transformation story.

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Practice Forward was one of the best things that could ever have happened to us
[Practice Forward] made my life easier, because now I get to do the things that I want to do. I get to help my small business clients be better business owners.
Practice Forward helped us rethink how we position our services and our offerings to our clients

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Offer proactive client service

Brittany Lanphier, CPA, Managing Partner, tells how Practice Forward helped her firm become the proactive firm they always wanted to be while drastically increasing revenue.

Be your client’s hero without giving value away

John Sanchez, CPA, discusses how Practice Forward changed the way he thinks about his practice and how he approaches clients.

Increase revenue

Crystal Royce, CPA, shares how Practice Forward has helped her increase firm revenues and increase efficiencies.

Build a firm centered on advisory relationships

Sole Practitioner, Dan Crick, CPA, discusses how Practice Forward allows him to serve his clients through an advisory lens versus a transactional lens.

Communicate your value

Chris Papin, CPA, leveraged Practice Forward to transfer knowledge to staff, increase revenues, and add value for clients through advisory services.

Orchestrate client relationships

Robert East, CPA, tells how Practice Forward — which he calls the "epitome of orchestration" — helped his firm reimagine client relationships.
Practice Forward

Tools and customized coaching designed to enhance your firm’s advisory services and strengthen client relationships