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K-1 Analyzer

K-1 software that allows you to extract, review, and aggregate complex K-1 information 

Why choose K-1 Analyzer

Thomson Reuters K-1 Analyzer software allows users to quickly extract and aggregate complex non-standard K-1 information so that it can be reviewed and analyzed. K-1 Analyzer provides a single, standard, structured output for managing K-1s that allows users to eliminate manual effort, so that they can spend time reviewing, analyzing, and gaining insights from their data.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, K-1 Analyzer can read, extract, and analyze K-1 data from front to back, including unstructured footnotes, statements, and disclosures. This web-based, user-friendly tool combines years of K-1 structure refinement, years of machine training with more than 100,000 K-1s, with a continuous learning process that grows smarter with each K-1.

What you get with our K-1 software

Structured data

Standardize and bring structure to massive volumes of information contained in Schedules K-1

Increased accuracy

Use artificial intelligence (AI) to extract and aggregate thousands of data points with ease

Decreased risk

Remove manual keying of data – and the accuracy risk associated with it – from your process

Heightened confidence

Know that you’ve completed all steps for proper compliance with federal, state and international requirements

See K-1 Analyzer in action

Powerful K-1 software to mitigate risk

K-1 Analyzer reduces manual data analysis and improves accuracy when processing Schedules K-1.


Simplify the complex

Schedules K-1 and their supplemental workpapers can be complex. K-1 Analyzer aggregates the information contained within them for easy use.

Save time and money with Thomson Reuters K-1 Analyzer

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