Preferred Partners

Office Equipment

Thomson Reuters is pleased to recommend the following providers of equipment for use in the office. These vendors provide hardware, forms, and other physical components that work with the CS Professional Suite.

Please note that the partner links below are not part of the CS Professional Suite website and will open in a new browser window.

Forms and Check Stock

Forms CS

Forms CS provides a complete line of checks and forms specifically designed to be compatible with myPay Solutions, Payroll CS, Write-Up CS, Service Bureau Payroll CS, and Client Bookkeeping Solution. In addition, they provide tax return envelopes, client organizer envelopes, and client organizer covers that are specifically designed to be used with UltraTax CS products. The Forms CS website includes a complete catalog that outlines your options and allows you to order through their site.
Checks & Forms catalog(PDF)
Tax Forms catalog(PDF)

Scanning Solutions