Looking toward the future

Marin and Montanye LLP uses the integration of AdvanceFlow on the GoFileRoom platform to streamline workflow and plan for success

As an industry-leading provider of audit, tax and advisory services to the New York real estate community and to private clients globally, Marin and Montanye LLP uses technology to stay ahead of the competition.

Ricky Montanye, Chief Innovation Officer at Marin and Montanye, plays a key role in the implementation of this technology.

Marin and Montanye is constantly looking toward the future. Their policy is to always have a few employees looking a year into the future, proactively looking at their workflow and how it could improve.

Those individuals tested the innovations of GoFileRoom and AdvanceFlow. They found that the application can be successfully implemented to the whole firm, drive new efficiencies, and allow for better security in serving their clients.

The firm has now been using GoFileRoom for a year and a half, and they have seen the benefits from the powerful search and retrieval function built into the online platform.

“We are a medium size firm, and we still used shared drives,” notes Ricky. “A lot of people had a shared drive on their computer, and they are structuring the folders in order to store information on an annual basis. Taking that folder structure and turning it into a specific indexing in GoFileRoom allowed us to pull that information off, file it in GoFileRoom, and use the utilities in GoFileRoom, such as the search function.”

The cloud function of GoFileRoom has been an asset to how his firm is storing, managing, and securing documents.

“Having GoFileRoom in the cloud is a significant advantage,” says Ricky. “When we are performing tasks for all of our clients, GoFileRoom’s importer utility and the ability to import it to the cloud using a very specific naming convention is a huge advantage, because we can aggregate a significant amount of data and store it in GoFileRoom.”

The integration of AdvanceFlow on the GoFileRoom platform streamlined the workflow for Montanye.

“When you look at other comparable programs where you are pushing the information to another application, that can take a significant period of time and, frankly, it is not very streamlined at all,” notes Ricky. “Having AdvanceFlow on the GoFileRoom platform, it combines two necessary products to streamline the workflow”

To further help streamline workflow, AdvanceFlow offers standardization and a simplified layout.

“Most programs integrate with their tax software, but where AdvanceFlow differs is that there is a singular tax code database for the firm,” says Ricky. “So, essentially by setting up the grouping schedules for a bunch of clients, you will be setting up the grouping schedules for all of the clients at the firm. And as we specialize in CIRA related entities, we will have created a unified chart of accounts simply by utilizing the program the way it was meant to be utilized.”

The combination of AdvanceFlow and GoFileRoom is essential to your firm’s future success. A full solution set will allow your firm to continue looking toward the future.

 “I would definitely recommend AdvanceFlow. It is one of the premier products on the market. When you compare it to many of its peers, they just don’t really hold a candle,” says Ricky. “Just the very facts that you can collaborate with multiple individuals at the same time, you can be with multiple clients at the same time, even the layout and general use of it far exceed that of any of its competitors.”

As for GoFileRoom, “It is one of the best cloud-based storage systems out there. It is just so simple. The indexing that is used helps a firm organize their data effectively. The folders that are created are used on all clients, so the data and how it is indexed streamlines the entire process and standardizes document management for a firm.”

To learn more about AdvanceFlow or GoFileRoom, visit https://tax.thomsonreuters.com/us/en/cs-professional-suite/advanceflow or https://tax.thomsonreuters.com/us/en/cs-professional-suite/gofileroom, or contact us at +1 800 968 8900.


Thomson Reuters AdvanceFlow is the first cloud-based audit engagement software that combines the convenience of the cloud with enterprise-level processing power.