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Has Wayfair impacted your Drop Shipping...Yet?

Type: On Demand
Duration: 45 minutes

By the middle of 2019, all of the 46 jurisdictions that have a sales tax will have implemented an economic nexus rule following last June’s Wayfair decision. Under economic nexus, companies with sales into the taxing state that meet that state’s threshold – either dollar volume of sales, number of transactions, or a combination of both – are deemed to have nexus in that state even without a physical presence. 

Drop shipping adds another level of complexity to that picture: what if a retailer has nexus in a particular state but the supplier does not? What about shipping into states, like California, that do not honor resale exemption certificates from the supplier’s home state? 

In this webinar, Thomson Reuters experts Jenny Galan and Julian Wozniak will explore the new complex landscape of drop shipping post-Wayfair. They will also explain how ONESOURCE Determination, the on-demand cloud solution built on the same global tax technology that Fortune 500 customers have relied on for over a decade, quickly identifies the transactions affected and automatically applies the appropriate sales tax, so you get the answers you need quickly, even for complex drop shipping transactions.

Featured speakers 

Julian J. Wozniak
Pre-Sales Solution Consultant Manager | Thomson Reuters

Julian is the Solution Consultant Lead for Emerging Accounts at Thomson Reuters. Julian has been with Thomson Reuters, and formerly Sabrix, for over 10 years. Leveraging extensive Tax Research, and Professional Services Consulting including running the practice for implementing ONESOURCE Compliance. Prior to his current role, Julian spent time as a Sales and Use Tax Auditor for the Parishes of Louisiana before implementing Sabrix at a global Steel Company.

Jenny Galan

Automation Proposition Lead - Emerging Corporate Accounts | Thomson Reuters

Jenny Galan is the Corporates Automation Proposition Lead for SMB and has been with Thomson Reuters, and formerly Sabrix, for over 15 years.  Leveraging her extensive Tax Research, and large-scale product deployment knowledge, she supports strategic product initiatives for Indirect Tax automation.  Previously, Jenny spent time architecting Global Indirect Tax automation solutions for both prospective and existing customers.  In addition, she led the Global Tax Research team deploying Tax Content and Logic. 


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